Can anyone explain what the results from my EEG /mri scan mean?

I had an EEG done because the neurologist is “suspicious” of complex partial seizures.but I also have complex post traumatic stress disorder and was on medication when I had the EEG.
the results are as follows-
Diagnosis and headaches-suspicious for complex partial seizures.

The gentleman had his mri of head on the and I am pleased to say it shows no significant intracranial abnormality.there was a small area of high signal in the left frontal lobe felt to be subcortical gliotic focus which I do not recall being commented on by Dr … when he reviewed the films in the hospital ,so I shall get them looked at again.

His EEG on the showed a normal backround with slow waves over the right temporal region.the comment is that these are infrequent but in the correct clinic context they may suggest a lowered threshold for focal onset seizures.No diagnostic epileptiform abnormality however was found,
does this say I have complex seizures or is it non epelptic seizures.
I was started on medication for epelpsy,but does not help.
thanks for any replys