I'm considering purchasing a system for home training, please advise


Hey everyone, this is my first post here.
I’m considering doing Neurofeedback for my anxiety issues after reading about it in Bessel Van der Kolk’s book “The Body Keeps The Score”, unfortunately, there are no local trainers where I live in the Middle East, and the only way that makes financial sense to me is to purchase a system, learn how to train, and train myself, I 'm a geek with good computer skills so guess that might help, my budget is ~5k USD, and so my question is, are there any recommendations in term what system should I go with?



Malik, hi.

See the threads mentioning Pete Van Deusen’s Brain-Trainer system. This is generally used with Pocket-Neurobics EEG amplifiers.

Another option is the inexpensive Muse headband, but this is limited to measuring points on the forehead (and behind ears for the reference connections.) Muse is supported by a number of mobile apps.




Hi Malik,

I was in your situation some months ago and I decided to go for a Myndlift system (If I am not mistaken the company is originally from the Middle East too).

You will need just some hundreds to get started and the possibilities are endless. The signal is just fine and I can train with Youtube videos, what turns out to be a perfect way to keep a high engagement level.

I am aware there are other options, which I haven’t tried, but I recommend you to have a look at their website.



Hi Varsha,

I am very interested in the myndlift setup. I got into NF after reading “The Body Keeps The Score” while researching Developmental Trauma Disorder for an adopted family member and have high hopes for this technology especially as it becomes more accessible. I’m a filmmaker and have the opportunity to work with several aid organizations that help orphans with various trauma histories. What does it take to be a Myndlift practitioner? I do not have my masters. Also, with just one electrode, have you seen this help trauma cases or just more simple things like anxiety and ADD? I was looking into NeurOptimal as a possible solution for working with kids overseas as it doesn’t need a practitioner but I don’t completely understand it and have heard it may not work for more extreme dysregulation. So Myndlift and Muse got me excited since it is traditional NF and internet in the overseas locations is available. I guess I would need each student in the boarding school to do a QEEG as well. Can I do that without being a licensed practitioner. What equipment would I need? Thanks!