Neurofeedback Equipment

Hi everyone,

After few months of hesitation, I decided to open my independent neurofeedback practice.

For the last week, I have been intensively researching reliable neurofeedback equipment that fit within my budget. Currently, equipment like Brain Master or Nexus are way too expensive so my options are limited.

I know it is a repeated question in the forum but, which system do you recommend me to start up with?

My leading options are Vilistus: and Myndlift: but I am, of course, open to hear more.

If I have chosen this two is because some colleagues of mine are using them and I got really good feedback not only for how reliable their signals are but for their high and quick return of investment (remember I am starting up).

Also, if I am not mistaken, Myndlift offer monitored home sessions which is something really interesting due my geographical location.

Does someone have experience with them or have other options for me to check out?

Thanks in advance!!

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Pete Van Deusen of Brain-Trainer has been offering his protocols (and compatible equipment), since 1993. Likely much longer than the Villistus or Myndlift companies. Also Pete has a very active user community forum where practitioners help each other.

I assume you’ve seen this thread,

Hi Varsha, I’m interested in opening my own practice but don’t know how to start? Can you give me a quick rundown?