NF system for private use

Hi everyone,

I am very interested in neurofeedback and would like to get a system for private use soon. I studied psychology and neuroscience and therefore have some experience with EEG and BCI.

I am now looking for an easy to use EEG system that I can use at home without a lot of effort. I’ve read a couple of threads here, but I still haven’t found the ideal solution for me. I’d like to use it mainly for meditation but also ILF, and maybe other things in future.

Has anyone experience with the Myndlift system (Muse with an extra electrode)? Is the signal you can get with this system sufficient for proper NF? Some still call it toy, others seem to be quite happy with the results.

Otherwise, I read many people are recommending Pete Van Deusens’s brain-trainer website and the systems he sells. However, to cover the things I would like to do, it seems I’d have to spend at least 2000 USD. Also, the Muse seems to be much more convenient.

Can anyone comment on the signal quality between these two systems and on how well they are suited for my targets (meditation, ILF)?

In case you have any other recommendations I’d be happy, too.

Thanks a lot in advance!