Selling NeurOptimal V3 Professional System

Purchased in November 2016 and have been happy with the system, but I have been diagnosed with stage 4 (incurable) cancer and am looking to shore up some additional funds.

The system is eligible for transfer and would require a transfer fee to be paid to NeurOptimal (Zengar) amidst the transfer process ($495US, I believe), which will include three months of the PASS Membership (approx, $100 a month) which includes complimentary technical and remote Help Desk assistance.

The system is on an Acer laptop (no longer under warranty), and while it may be best to update the hardware, as long as the Help Desk folks can (remotely) get the system updated from a software standpoint and ready to go, the hardware is still usable.

While this system comes with the Acer laptop, previously used sensors and monitor, it is essentially the professional license (unlimited sessions) and Z-amp (under warranty until November 2023) that are for sale.

All technical questions can be directed to the NeurOptimal (Zengar) folks since they will be handling the license transfer.

This license and system has been updated to version 3.

I am looking to sell the system for $6000US and located in Canada.

Any questions, please let me know.

Thank you.

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