Two high channel devices using the ADS1922

EEG64 & hackEEG are two projects using the ADS1922 that can go to 32 & 64 channels

If you know much about applied EEG the more channels the better

Anyway both projects are cheap & Adam at hackEEG I’m sure could do with some development assistance as he wants to do a crowd fund

EEG64 was fully available as source but has since been taken down as he is doing a commercial venture

Unfortunately internet archive did not back up the build files. I did download everything but have had an HDD failure & its not looking good - so possibly begging the dev for the source is the only hope left for EEG 64 but he may be kind

hackEEG uses arduino due similar to openhardwareEXG but is stackable to four boards. He claims if timing issues can be solved two Arduino Due’s could run 64 channels

Any electronics input is welcome as Adam at hackEEG is looking for a solution