2x Neuroamp I for sale

Hi there.
I have 2x Neuroamp I for sale.

Please note these are NOT Neuroamp II’s so they CANNOT RUN ILF-HD.

Neuroamp I can run every other application besides 1 and 2 channel ILF-HD. This includes:

1 and 2 channel Alpha Theta
2 channel Synchrony
1 channel InfraLow
1 channel EEG
pIRx3 (if you have the add-on hardware)

These are hardware only. You will need to purchase any other software add-on you might want

1x Neuroamp I - $ 1800 or 1655 euros if you live in Europe
2x Neuroamp I - $ 3200 ($1600 per) or 3000 euros (1500 euros each)

plus $100 for posting with DHL Express

They have both been tested and are in working condition. Items to ship from Cyprus (Europe).
So you are responsible for any related import tax. More details will be provided to anyone interested.