Art Student looking for EEG advice

Hello!! I am a third year art student studying in Ireland. This year we are exploring issues in the world that we are passionate about. Issue Based Art to be exact. I am very passionate about mental health so have gone down the performance and video avenue trying to give a sense to the viewer of what anxiety feels like. I have taken my project to a new level this semester in that I would like to set up an EEG to record possible anxious moods in myself or others and have the EEG producing sound or visuals that I will perform to. The only problem is I dont know how to do any of this. Is it far more complicated then I initially though?. Where do I even rent an EEG in Ireland or Anywhere for that matter!!!
Would love some help Thanks xx

Vicki, hi.

I’d suggest networking with some member of NeuroTechX in the UK. There is a chapter in London,

They also have a Meetup,

Once you find some collaborators, they could loan you some equipment. A typical system used in art projects is the Muse headband or the Neurosky headset. These can then interface to a application program or Video DJ software.



Hey William,

Wow!! Thank you so much for your swift and very helpful reply.

I will look into that.

Kindest regards


Sounds interesting. You could try someone offering brain training. The simplest home system is NeurOptimal (you can rent short term or go for sessions), and you get a picture of your brain activity that looks like this