Australia - NO3 Pro System for sale

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Hi all, I have a NeurOptimal Pro system for sale in Australia. Unlimited License. Purchased new 12 months ago. Used for personal use only (no rentals). Excellent, as-new condition.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (SP4) i7 tablet 8Gb RAM 256 SSD, running latest version Windows 10 and a Neuroptimal V3 (NO3) software.

Whole kit available, includes

  • Microsoft SP4 tablet (more powerful i7 model)
  • running NO3
  • Neuroptimal tablet stand
  • Microsoft keyboard/cover
  • Microsoft Surface pen / stylus
  • soft tablet case
  • zAmp
  • 2 sets of sensors (1 set new, 1 set used and still in excellent working order)
  • all cables
  • new ear buds
  • Microsoft power cables for Australia and North America.
  • 2 tubs paste (unopened)
  • no monitor

USD $8,000
AUD $11,000
(Plus postage if required)

(For Australian residents, the additional costs for purchasing a new pro system from Zengar include:

  • Shipping USD$170 / AUD$240
  • 5% Aust import duties AUD $700
  • 10% Aust GST $1400
    = total cost for new system approx AUD $17,000+

Reasonable offers considered.
Happy training :slight_smile: