Bad experience with T3/T4 placement

Hello everyone,

As I understand it, many people have bad experiences with T3/T4 placements and I apparently am no exception. I did about 4-5 sessions. It’s been about one week since I completed the sessions and I still feel somewhat like a zombie/ and disoriented. I am working with a practitioner and have just asked her what the hz/frequency settings were for the sessions but am not sure just yet. I will add those here as soon as I find out.

I wanted to ask if anyone knows for certain if my brain will go back to normal without neuro or if I need to add in PZ (suggested by my practitioner). Neurofeedback was working amazingly for me when I ws only doing CZ placement but now I am a somewhat scary place.

Thanks all.

I strongly suggest going back to SMR at cz or c4 (wherever you put it) SMR has a very calm effect on the body and mind.

Curious though whats your experience because I intent on training t3/t4 soon a long with f3/f4
my practitioner says those 4 go together.

NeurOptimal is reading C3/C4. Have you tried it?