BCI from Emotiv (Insight 2.0) Where should I start?

I have been trying to get started using my new Emotiv headset. I don’t have an idea of where to start except that I already purchased a headset and my end goal is to use it to control a computer game.

There seems to be a lot of conflicts in what the next steps are for be to get this device working the way I need it to for live input. Anyone have experience or direction I could go into that would help with this?

Have you looked over / posted on Emotiv’s Forum?


In the past, some access to Emotive raw EEG was only available on a subscription basis. I hope this has changed to open access.


wjcroft, thanks for your reply. I have checked but since i am no programmer I am kind of stuck figuring out the basic steps before I can figure out raw data usage. They made it look a little easier on the you tube videos and I been wanting to buy this for a couple of years. Though I made a couple of videos showing ingame reactions to FPS games + Chocolate. I was hoping for more of a controller situation than a brainwave display.