Begginer needing help!

Hi all of u. First of all i have adhd showed in my eegg. I want to do neurofeedback at home with a normal one, i dont want the best one but something usefull. Cuz i cant afford the 4000$ full treatment. So if i have to see youtube videos, or do courses to know how to do it myself i’ll do it. I can afford max 1000-1500$ but if theres one good and cheaper its better for me.
Maybe someone that have already done this andcan tell me where to buy it and how to set it at home and i do therest. Cuz i already did some sessions and was too helpful for me

Cristobal, hi.

Interaxon Muse is not the same as receiving neurofeedback in a clinical setting. However some home users have shown positive benefits. There are multiple mobile apps available (from other vendors), not just the ones packaged by Interaxon with the hardware purchase.

A next step up would be Pete Van Deusen’s Brain-Trainer system. But this is considerably more expensive and technical to setup.


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Perfect. Theres someone here that have set it up that could teach me how to put it to work? I saw that theres one better than the Muse with more results and not too expensive. Someone now which one?

i can afford the versus one but theres someone here that have used it for adhd and noticed any change with it?