BioAmp v1.5: A brand new single chip biopotential amplifier that doesn't require any microcontroller to sample the signal

What is BioAmp v1.5?

BioAmp v1.5 is a single chip biopotential amplifier. It can record any biopotential signal non-invasively and doesn’t require any microcontroller to sample the signal. You just plug a 9v Battery to board, electrodes to the body, and an audio jack to a mobile/laptop, and you are ready to record signals like EMG, ECG, EOG, and EEG. You can record the signals on a pc using audacity OR on mobile using Backyard Brain’s spike recorder app. It’s for learning purposes only and works best for EMG signals.

Bioamp v1.5

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How to use BioAmp v1.5?

To start using the fully assembled Upside Down Labs BioAmp v1.5 you require a 9v battery (not included in the kit). After doing that you have to connect

  1. 9v Battery to power input.
  2. Electrodes to the body (see the picture included in the gallery).
  3. 3.5mm audio cable to phone/laptop with recording software installed.

Note: You have to put the gel electrodes on the muscle you want to sense the signal from and use the alligator clips to connect to the Board.

Why did I make this BioAmp v1.5?

I made this Board as an affordable little brother to the Backyard brain’s spiker box and human interface kit. You can perform everything that the spiker box does, although some projects may require a bit of tinkering (ex. opamp circuit on a breadboard), and that’s what makes it more fun because you’ll learn a lot about biological signals and electronics.

What makes BioAmp v1.5 special?

This board works on a single power supply (9v) and uses only one integrated circuit (TL074CN). It produces exceptionally clean output signals (if you are not very close to an AC Appliance Or a wall outlet) which we can use for various projects. BioAmp v1.5 kit is also a certified open-source hardware project!

Hi…I really want to enhance a line level sign in a piece of surplus hardware to a speaker level (1W) yield. I have one of the Rainbow Kit amp sheets which utilizes a TDA7052A chip. The amp is intended for an ungrounded yield. Would i be able to interface the (- ) yield line to suspension ground (earphone jack)?

Built by @curiositry and @amckent of The Autodidacts • Follow @TheNeuroBB on Twitter for updates!



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