Brain Rhythm BR8 PLUS - Any previous experiences?

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I have not found anything on this in previous posts: Has anyone got any experiences with the Brain Rhythm BR8 Plus? This can be found here:

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Hello Holger,

Good question. This is the first I’ve seen of the BR8 – it looks like a somewhat similar design to the Versus, which is interesting in that it potentially fills a gap between the Neurosky/Muse consumer device market and higher channel-count, more complex systems.

I sent an email to company a few weeks ago asking for pricing and purchasing info, and inviting them to join this discussion, but I haven’t heard back.

Have you had any communications with Brain Rhythm Inc., or seen prices for the BR8?

Sorry I can’t be more informative!


Hello Adam,

Thanks for your reply. Around the time of my original forum post, I requested pricing information from them. They never replied. Not sure why, but I have now given up looking into it.

May be it might be worth trying again in a little while, in case this product has moved on then.



I sent another inquiry through their contact form yesterday. The company is active, judging by their facebook page (, but apparently doesn’t respond to emails. Maybe it’s a language issue?

Hi, all

This is Shawn from Brain Rhythm and sorry for not replying for the past weeks since we are pivoting recently and most of the things were just settled down.

We were a startup team spin of from Brain Research Center at Taiwan two years ago and had about 13 years of experience on EEG research and product development. In the past few years we provide concept product design from signal channel to 80ch wireless EEG systems, using self-designed dry sensors and medical-grade amplifier.

We also provide customization service for third party to develop consumer level products.

BR8 Plus is our first official product and has launched since 2015 Q2, targeting at research grade BCI applications, integrating with third party software such as OepnViBE, EEGLab, NeuroRT, NeuroScale…etc.

I would love to response for any question and sorry again for our belated show up.
Also feel free to contact me via email with


Hi Shawn,
What is the price on the BR8 Plus and how do you purchase it?
Thank you

Hi, wezzix

May I have your email please then I could share more information with you.
You could also send me a mail:


Thanks Shawn I got your message! Unfortunately that’s way out of my intended price range as a hobbyist. I would be really happy if such a promising device would hit the consumer market.

Hi @Shawn_Lu I missed your post here – thanks for posting to the forum last fall, and I hope your venture has done well since then.

What is the approximate price of the BR8 hardware? It would be great to get some kind of a ballpark price into this thread so other visitors can have an idea what the general price range is. A link to a price sheet and/or other specs online would be great too.