Brain-Trainer system for sale


I am no longer using my NFB system, it is fully operational, in great condition and well maintained. Items included in my package are listed below:

Optima+ 4 USB by Neurobit (4C)(Neurobit Optima+ -

nIR HEG headband (nIR HEG Headset -

Set of 8 Ag/AgCl cup electrodes - brand new.

TC26 Trainer’s Cap kit (TC26 Trainer's Cap electrode cap kit-– Saline electrode cap

Brain-Trainer for BioEra (Brain-Trainer for BioEra Basic - Software for training.

Protective hard case for the amplifier. Two new tubes of Ten20 paste.

Opened and incomplete tube of Nuprep and Ten20 paste. Ag/AgCl coated wristband as a ground electrode.

Set of Ag/AgCl coated dry electrodes.

Ear-clip electrode.

DM me if you need some more details. I am looking for 2,5k $ for this set.

Hi there,
How old is your system? Would you be able to send some pictures? Thanks.


I bought my system in March 2020 during the pandemic.

Please see let me know if you need more detailed pictures.