BrainBay: Changing frequency during a session is possible?

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Sebern Fisher wrote (Neurofeedback in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma, chapter “Thinking Neurofeedback”, Assessment in the Chair):

A boy with a history of anoxic brain injury started to cry after I made a shift to further lower his arousal. Before that, he had been in a sunny mood, and he returned to it when I shifted the frequency higher. I’d trained his brain at a frequency too low for him. Usually a shift up a notch in frequency, as little at 1/8 Hz for some people, will alleviate these reactions.

As I understand it, this means that she was adjusting the target frequency during the session. In BrainBay (as I understand it) the target frequency depends on the Threshold / Meter element settings. But it cannot receive signals (for example, from the Button element) to change its settings.

Is it so? Is there any way to quickly change the frequency during a session? (Without opening the Threshold window each time.)

I know a little programming, and if the task is to code a panel with several buttons (such as + 0.25Hz, –0.25, +0.5, etc) — it looks not very difficult.

I’m trying to figure out neurofeedback and software. BrainBay seems simple enough and has all the necessary features, except for the one I wrote about.

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In BrainBay, the element boxes that work with frequency are called Filter or Magnitude. Threshold is a different concept. As the session is running, you can right click any element and make adjustments.

As far as increment / decrement buttons, I don’t recall this is possible with BrainBay. You could do it in BioEra; but BioEra is more complex and takes time to learn. I believe Bioexplorer frequency setting dialog has up/down buttons.

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Simple BrainBay example:

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