Brand New NeurOptimal 3.0 Professional System & Light Used NeurOptimal 3.0 Professional System w/Brain Trainer for Bio Era

Brand new system unopened box

Purchase Date: 01/06/2020

NeurOptimal® Professional Tablet Bundle
Microsoft Surface Pro 6 i5 8GB 128GB

Also comes with brand new in box Asus 28" monitor

Asking price $9,000USD or best offer

Lightly Used system with approximately 250 sessions

Purchased date: 03/19/2019
NeurOptimal® Professional Tablet Bundle
Microsoft Surface Pro 6 i7 8GB 256GB

Asking price $9,000USD or best offer

The used system also has Brain Trainer for BioEra installed on it and comes with in addition to the standard NeurOptimal hardware, a TC 26 neoprene cap, Ganglion wireless 4 channel amp, 12 silver electrodes, 3 tubs of Ten20 paste, Panasonic stereo quality headphone earbuds.

Paid approximately $24,000USD for everything listed.

Asking price for both systems $17,000USD or best offer

May I ask why you are selling it?

Hello Nichiban, my family and i have completed approximately 250 sessions on the ne system and purchased the second system with the intent of starting a small business with the 2 systems but then Covid arrived and plans changed. Thanks

Hallo, I would like to purchase a used NeurOptimal professional system.
Thank you,

Hi there

I am really interested if either of these two units are available.

Do you still have them?


Would you sell one of the two systems if still available? I’m actively looking to purchase one asap.

Hello, I am interested in a used professional system. Thank you and be safe.

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