Differentiating signals and inferring origin of signals from EEG?

hi i got a bit of a crazy idea and i’ll love some feedback on it
let’s say we sample with 4 electrodes in high enough resolution and range of amplitude that we can identify
the same signal throw all of them and differentiate groups of similar signals hopefully identifying
different neural nets

and we sample fast enough to tell the time difference through which the signal
is propagating between three electrodes and able to calculate the signal origene and basically
get functional imaging from EEG …

i’m not a neurologist or an engineer but i’ll love to know how far are we
from that kind of instrument i noticed that DAQ systems developing and theres commercial
DAQ systems sampling at 5Ghz now (in 8 bit for now S: )
so even if the signal propagate in the speed of light it’s starting to look like it will be possible sum day
how fast does it propagate ?
are there some physical barriers/unknown’s that i did not take into account ?

Nimrod, hi.

The imaging you refer to already exists, it’s called source localization.


It’s not necessary to sample at high rates, many systems are just using 256 hz. However 4 electrodes are not enough. Typically 19, 32, 64, or 128 are used.


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this is not the imaging process that i was talking about but hey,it seem to work :hushed:
awesome toy now to try and understand it and maybe build one thank you for that :smiley: