EEG learning for the uninitiated


I’m looking to do research and experimentation on using eeg signals to control virtual objects in a VR space. However, I am naive to the field, having a tenuous grasp on how eegs work. I was hoping a few people here could point me down the right paths to learning eegs, how to use them, translate them to signals that programs can understand, mapping them, etc.

I am up to extended conversation via direct messaging as well, so feel free to drop a line if you don’t want to use this thread. TIA!


about EEG. You need first to record it properly, then you should extract some features from teh signal. The most straightforward is for example to calculate power/amplitude in the frequency ranges, such as alpha, beta… This is done for each second (or N seconds). Then you should represent these values on screen and look how they change when you think of moving the objects. That is the first step. Later, you can use some advanced techniques, like NN.


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