EEGER4 alternative

My first experience with NF training was with EEGER. I did simple single channel beta/theta training. I liked it because the graphics were smooth and it was relatively easy to find a flow state where I could stay focused. My favorite was the boat game, three boats on looped raceway, goal was to keep the middle boat (beta) ahead and the other two (theta/artifact) behind. Does anyone have any experience with EEGER and is there anything opensource similar to it?

If possible I’d like to replicate the experience with bioexplorer. BE is great and all but the feedback is really choppy with the default designs. Maybe there’s a way to change the thresholds but what I really want is a racing game with good graphics. I heard there’s a way to convert the midi output in BE to keystrokes and control the throttle in a game that way.

Sadly, I don’t have an answer for you and am also here to find answers. I started my NF journey with the EEGER4 and found immense success treating my ADHD symptoms with the 4mation picture game, enough so, that I was able to get off medication after 12 years of dependency. I am desperate for a home system that can replicate this experience.