Emotiv Epoc Headset EEG Electrode

i want to know about the emotiv electrodes …
1-can every electrode generate a different waveform from another? if yes so please email me sample pictures and details
2-the body movement can change the waveform ?
3-why electrode is place in specific place in brain? is there any significance?
4-can i save and run the headset data in matlab ?

Hello @Abdul

If I understand you, yes. Each electrode picks up most strongly the brain activity closest to it. Therefore, the signals from different electrodes will tend to vary in frequency and/or amplitude. For example, electrodes at the back of the head (over the occipital lobe) tend to pick up higher amplitude alpha waves than electrodes at the front of the head.

Unfortunately, my EPOC isn’t currently functional, so I can’t send you screenshots or sample data.

Yes. “Motion artefacts” occur when EEG signals (brainwaves) are “contaminated” by EMG activity (electrical activity from muscles), which is much stronger. It’s hard to get accurate EEG data when someone is moving around a lot. There are techniques for “artefacting” EEG data to remove EMG interference and electrical noise, but it takes some doing.

Yes again. Where you place EEG electrodes on the scalp determines what part of the brain’s activity they pick up. The 10–20 system is used to map electrode locations on the scalp. Different electrode locations will be “over” different lobes of the brain. Example: groups of neurons in the occipital lobe are related to visual processing; if you put electrodes at the back of the head, over the occipital lobe, you will pick up activity from these neurons.

Unless you buy the ~$750 developer SDK (software development kit), or the even more expensive Researcher SDK, you are not allowed to access the encrypted raw data from the Emotiv EPOC, as far as I know. If you do have one of these, I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t use MATLAB.

Keep in mind I’m an amateur — but I believe my answers are accurate as far as they go :smile: