Eye Tracking - Online Cognitive Psychology Experiment

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If you are right handed, have a webcam or your laptop integrates one and you use Google Chrome as web browser, you can participate to an online experimental study.

The experiment lasts few minutes (max 5), during which we ask you to keep your head as fixed as possible in order to allow the calibration of the software.

It is also important that the room is well lit and, of course, that you take seriously the job!

The calibration process is very easy: you should make sure that the contours of your face and eyes are correctly identified through the webcam and follow some spreaders on the screen to initialize the algorithm.

This process takes a maximum of 2 minutes.

When the experiment starts the task is to look at the things (and only these) that will appear on the table like you’ll normally do in a natural context.

Between images presentation there will be a pause to relax retina.

It will be the appearance of a cross at the center of the monitor (fixation point that you will look to) to inform you about the fact that next picture will be shortly presented.

The research is completely anonymous.
No details are required except your age and gender.

If you want to partecipate, put Chrome browser in full screen mode and click the link attached to this post.

Thanks in advance for your collaboration.

Link: https://www.realeye.io/test/dafbbeb1-15e0-48bc-8596-2cd70346751b/


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