Final qeeg results after 25 sessions. Before and after.. Did I get worse?


Hello Mr. Bean,

Did your practitioner provide a ‘narrative’ description of the QEEG results in both cases? What was your goal for the neurofeedback, in terms of what you were trying to achieve? You might find Jay Gunkelman’s QEEG Phenotypes helpful:

It does look like your coherence shifted markedly. Your Z-Scores in general did improve. Not sure what is going on in the Alpha in temporal lobe areas; possibly could be artifact as there are large muscle groups there. But some of that red is also present in the Theta band.

What changes did you notice that occurred from beginning of the series to end?


He did not provide narrative results however I went in to try and decrease OCD symptoms. From the beginning to now, I feel somilar, maybe slightly better in terms of ocd compulsions. What I don’t understand is the coherence and phase lag seems to have gotten worse or does this fluctuate?

I would just suggest that your practitioner owes you (at least a brief) description of the QEEG changes. And to perhaps explain what happened with the coherence. As you say it may be a temporary situation that normalizes by itself. I would also inquire about the Alpha changes.

Generally the Phase Lag metric is not as important as the other QEEG measures.

If there is an issue with these results, do you think this is something that needs to be corrected right away or do you think i can take a break before doing more sessions?