Get started with personal neurofeedback system for just $1000- selling used system

I am selling the bio explorer EEG system from Brain Trainer International. It is everything you need to get started for personal neurofeedback and in excellent condition.usually over $3500 but they don’t sell this unit any more. The newer one is about $5000 And I am selling it a DISCOUNT for $1000 (plus shipping cost) because I don’t need it anymore. Excellent condition and just checked all parts work

This whole system includes:

  1. Bioexplorer plug in- You will use this on your own laptop, it plugs into a USB port. This has all the neurofeedback programs

  2. neuro it optima + 4 channel amplifier

  3. nIR HEGheadband and LIFE game program

4)10 flat silver electrodes with extra sponges and special Electrode covers for saline application (you make your own saline solution)

  1. 10-20 EEG cap new design

This is not for professional use, and does not include the tool for whole brain assessments. You can buy consultation time for the experts at the company to do an assessment and to teach you how to use it for $400 for 3 hours. Please contact them first to confirm that they will do an assessment for you before buying! There is not license to transfer the program but only they can help you do the whole brain assessment and create your neurofeedback plan.

This is a great way to start personal neurofeedback for basically under $2000 (including the consultation fee)

I am interested in your system, how do I get in touch with you directly to discuss?