Headgear design project - any thoughts?

Over the last months I worked on a project I called ‘modular headgear design for neurotech applications’ (set it up as part of my Industrial Design degree). I want to probe some reactions before handing in my report. Gonna try to keep it short but I can always elaborate :slight_smile: Please feel free to share your thought, opinions and questions!

The design that is shown facilitates the placement of ‘interaction channels’ on the desired sites on the scalp (could be EEG/tDCS/fNIRS maybe). It has elements that can be extended, pivoted and/or replaced. The buildup of the product can in this way be changed to match ones desired configuration. It covers all sites from the 10-20 and most sites from the 10-10 standard.
The modular elements are arcs (running ‘from left to right’) and arms (smaller tentacles that reach sites in between the midline and the ear only). I’ve put some explanation in the image below, hope that clarifies things a bit.

The interaction channels (electrodes/sponges/etc) can be connected to the ends of the arm and underneath the arc. A few sketches of the arm-end are shown below. Regarding the arc, for now, the probes are placed under an elastic strap that runs along the inside of it (not pictured in sketches/renders but in the prototype you can see it). The elastic strap in the arc and a spring system on the arm take care of the necessary pressure.

The dimensions are based on anthropometric data. I’m doing some tests with a prototype to see how this works out in practice for different head shapes and sizes. I hope to have time later to hook up an OpenBCI or a little tDCS device I have here and see what other recommendations come from that for my final report. I will be in touch with OpenBCI community for that I guess to share some thoughts, but it seemed more appropriate to post this on here for now since I haven’t really touched any electronics yet…

I hope the text and images make sense. I like to see the concept as a bridge between consumer and R&D/med. products. Any comments on the project are welcome. What makes you doubt it/what do you like about it? Curious to hear the good, the bad and the in between. And hope to spark some thought, discussion and inspiration!


NB: The working title of the design is Nerva headgear.
NB2: made some edits to include the images


It looks very functional. A video demonstration would make how it works a bit clearer.How many sites can this work with at once?
I am working on dry electrodes which might work quite well with this design.

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