High School student looking for EEG project advice

I should start off by saying I know little to none about this equipment. So if responses could be on the simplest level possible, that would be great.
I am currently working on a project where I am creating a simple EEG, something akin to the Neurosky Mind-wave device, with some tutorials online as the ones available are out of budget.
The end project is supposed to be LEDs that flash at a set frequency when brainwaves are in a certain range, probably in delta and theta range (not 100% sure on that yet though). This device cannot be hooked up to a computer though, it will be attached to glasses or a headset, so it needs to be as minimal as possible. Basically, I am not really sure how to get this EEG to emit a signal at the correct brainwaves, and how to get that signal to get these lights to flash. Also unsure how to set what frequency the lights flash at.
Alternatively considering EMG to detect an episode (the lights are supposed to flash before a narcoleptic episode, and I read that an EMG might be better equipped at detecting that). If anyone knows which I should use (EEG or EMG) and why, that would be extremely helpful as well.