How can I connect Muse 2 to Brainbay in real time?

I am a high school student who wants to conduct a real-time interaction exploration by connecting Muse 2 to Brainbay. Considering that Muse 2 could not connect directly to the PC, so I had to connect using another program (BlueMuse).

There was no problem connecting Muse 2 to BlueMuse, but I don’t know how to send information to Brainbay in real time after that. My programming skills are basic, and it was hard to find related data.

I tried it after seeing a message telling me to use a USB dongle called BLED112, but it’s hard to learn how to use BLED112.

Have you tried connecting Muse 2 to Brainbay in real time, or connecting another EEG measuring device to Brainbay in real time?

Hi Sohn,

You will get the best answers by posting your (brief) question(s) on the Brainflow Slack. There is a channel for help questions. There is another Slack for NeuroTechX, with some Muse users there. [see Slack signup link] [see Community tab / Slack]