How can I use SSVEP in BCI?

hi .
I want to use ssevp in processing but i dont know how
is there anybody that could help me?

Lots of examples online with OpenBCI,

thank you so much for your help.I am new in this .
can i ask you another question? what can i do to reduce EEG noises?

@bahar.ja Welcome to the forum! What EEG hardware are you using, and what type of noise are you hoping to remove?

Some types of noise are simple to deal with, like the 50 or 60Hz interference from mains power. It can be removed with a “notch” filter (also called a band-stop or band-regection filter). The OpenBCI Processing GUI has an option to turn notch filter out 50Hz (the frequency of mains power in Europe), 60Hz (the frequency of AC power in most of North America), or neither. However, the notch filter is fairly crude — it just cuts out (or, to be precise, attenuates) that part of the spectrum.

Others, such as EMG artefacts, which affect more of the frequency spectrum, need to be dealt with using more sophisticated processing — and not all types of noise can be removed using post-processing.