How does BrainBay sync events on the EEG?

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Hi, newbie here !:grinning:
I am trying to set up a neurofeedback experiment and I am comparing the possibilites of two softwares : OpenVibe and BrainBay.
However, I am having a hard time figuring out how BrainBay “syncs” events to the EEG.
For instance, if I am to record an EEG with certain stimuli at fixed times, will I be able to specify them so they are added to the EEG file?
(so that in offline analysis, I can see the signal and the events)
edit: OpenVibe deals with this with TCP tagging and VRPN, i saw BrainBay handles TCP and NeuroServer, does anyone have an idea on how to use it?

I hope I was clear on this,
Thanks a lot!