I need help reading my brain report

Hello friends,

Sometime ago,my friend performed a eeg(neurofeedback) diagnosis to my brain and he sent me the report in excel format. Unfortunately , i have no clue how to interpret the data or what it is telling me, or what i should do to improve based on the suggested results.

I would like it if some one could assist me in interpretation,

Was the report / assessment done with Pete Van Deusen’s TLC? Info on that is here,

The more general case of QEEGs done with Neuroguide or BrainDx, etc., are covered on their respective websites.

hej wjcroft,

yes the report seems to be generated from website you TLC.However, i still find it hard to interpret it teh data and numbers. If i sent u my report, would u care to look at it and make a general assesment about my brain :)?

Instead I suggest you join Pete’s Yahoo group and post your question there.


If this snapshot was taken “some time ago” as you say, it has likely changed in various ways so is no longer very accurate. The primary way brain maps are used in neurofeedback are NOT for “diagnosis” of neurological / psychological / etc. conditions. But as a way to deduce neurofeedback “protocols” that will help the brain to return to a more normative situation, with less extremes.

So you may want to ask on the group if there is a Brain-Trainer practitioner nearby who can help you make a fresh mapping and work with you to provide some NFB. The map by itself is not the objective, it’s just the compass for how to make shifts.