I Want to purchase a used NeurOptimal system

I Want to purchase a used NeurOptimal system personal or professional. I would prefer unlimited sessions, but if the price is right, I will consider a personal system. Please contact me if you want to sell at a good price:) text me at 801-226-8764

I know this isn’t what you asked for but just in case I thought I’d mention I’m probably selling my BioExplorer setup.

Why the hell are these so outrageously priced for a program and some wires?

I’m selling mine for 8K USD. It’s got unlimited sessions as it’s a professional system. About 2 years old and comes with travel case and Ten20 paste.

Is your system a 3.0? And what type of professional system, on a laptop or iPad? Where are you located? Please text me the info at 801-226-8764.

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