Introduction + BCI Stack Exchange proposal

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Hi all,

I’m an EEG enthusiast and user of the OpenBCI Ganglion board and Backyard Brains Arduino “spiker” shield.

For anyone who is interested, there’s a BCI Stack Exchange proposal going on. If you would like to support it you can use the link below to “follow” the proposal and submit sample questions.

For those who are not aware, a Stack Exchange site is something very different from a forum (and in no way would replace the role of any forum). It’s for highly structured questions and answers and provides a central place for experts from the many different platform-specific forums to share knowledge. We just started the proposal last night, so it’s in it’s infancy and can use some support.



PS The “Area 51” Stack Exchange is where they develop future SE sites. It has nothing to do with aliens :wink:

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