Licensing Protocols for Muse, Nexus etc

Dear NeuroBB Community

I’ve recently had my first experience of the Nexus 4 kit, and although I’m impressed by the hardware and software, I thought the training animations were terrible.

As a design engineer, I’m sure in partnership with manufacturers and practitioners I could do very much better. I contacted Mindmedia asking about licensing and development options, but they were definitely not interested. Shame!

Has anyone else had experience with this or SDKs in general? Does anyone have recommendations for the best hardware for open source development? It’s ridiculous that such promising technology cannot be improved upon.

Thanks for any light you can shine on this.


Hi Unity, and welcome to NeuroBB!

The most open-source friendly EEG hardware is almost certainly the OpenBCI. Everything about the OpenBCI is open source, including the hardware.

That said, the OpenBCI is not the most consumer-friendly hardware. It is oriented towards hackers and experimenters, rather than consumers, so if you’re looking to develop consumer training software, this might not be the best bet (at least not yet).

As far as I know the Muse is fairly developer friendly, and offers an SDK. It is not nearly as open as the OpenBCI (the algorithms used for Muse training are proprietary, for example), but appears to be much more encouraging of developers than some other systems, such as Emotiv.

If you’re looking for a consumer-friendly device that’s also relatively friendly to developers, Muse might be a good choice.

Good luck, and let us know what you find!


Thanks for your response Adam - OpenBIC looks like the place to learn and experiment, I hadn’t considered using existing data - presumably there’s data sets on there that show progress in terms of relaxation and focus both over the period of a session and over time. I’ll look into the muse SDK also.

If what I come up with is any good, I should be able to discern positive outcomes in blind trials.

Anyone with a particular therapeutic focus or their own data sets, feel free to get in touch!

I’ll post up here how I get on.

Thanks again, and best wishes to all.


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I would love someone to produce alternative feedback options for the NeXus. While I love the operator features of their Biotrace software, the feedback is lacking. At a minimum, a dimmer window like the one in BrainMaster Avatar would allow the use of netflix, youtube or other services for feedback.