Looking for a Single Channel Low Cost EEG System

I’ven been delving into EEG for neuropsychological practice and I’ve come accross Swingle’s technique called ClinicalQ which involves doing specific measurements on the CZ, O1, F3, F4, FZ sites.

The measurements should be done independently so a single channel device would suffice.

However I must confess, as a novice, I’m lost in the area with the variety of hardware and software systems.

Linked below is an example of the type of data I’d need from the EEG device in order to apply this diagnostical tool:

So, which systems (involving hardware and software) could provide me with such data?

Thank you all in advance.

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Hi impagliazzo

Depending on your definition of low-cost, a Brainmaster system may be the way to go. Years ago I got a used Brainmaster and was very impressed, everything I needed was in one package, ie hardware and the software to analyze the results.


Brainmaster systems are designed for those in private practice and they specifically discuss Swingle here:


I can’t vouch for them, but you might consider contacting them to see if what they have would work for you.



The OpenBCI Ganglion is around $200 and has four channels. You may use the other channels at some point, e.g. adding more electrodes or collecting heart rate data.

There is a summer sale at OpenBCI until the end of July, so the discount code SUMMER2K17 will save you 10%.

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check this out :slight_smile:

I tried MUSE, it was about 200$.
I must say that the recordings were bad, almost only neuromuscular signal (noise).