Looking for Biocybernaut trainees

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Hello NeuroBB members,

I’m working on an article about the Biocybernaut Institute for our blog at Autodidacts.io. I’m looking for people who have taken the Biocybernaut training who might be able to share some first-hand reports of the results.

If you have experience with Biocybernaut, or know someone who does, please get in touch! You can reply to this post, send me a direct message, or send an email through the contact form on Autodidacts.io.

Thank you!



Adam, cool. Not sure if you’ve seen this blog account, but it goes over some of the elements.


Hardt also has a book, The Art of Smart Thinking,


Available new directly from Biocybernaut for about $20. (It does not seem to be listed on their own site.) Some papers also available,



Thanks William! I think saw the post on Mindvalley previously, but had forgotten about it. That will be a useful reference for the article.

I did an interview with James Hardt and got a tour of the Victoria training centre. Between those sources and what I’ve found online I have a decent amount of information on the training method and objectives – just looking for some first-hand trainee perspectives to round out the post.