Looking for neurofeedback enthusiast from India

Hi . I m from India and i have been wondering if there are fellow neurofeedback users , enthusiast from India . Currently i m aware that there are almost very less neurofeedback practitioners in India . I have undergone alpha theta for PTSD . But it wasn’t productive as havent come across a seasoned practioner . I have been learning a lot about it , the protocols etc … I like to know fellow ethusiasts . I m planning to get an equipment and start training . I m more into Othmers work and hav lot of admiration for Sieberns Fishers work . I m looking forward to know people here , read about protocols . I have learnt a lot , EFT , EMDR and successfully learnt them . I am a self learner . Just planning to hold a psych degree and planning to become a NFB practitioner soon . I have tremendous interest in brain training , had been using Paul swingles psychoacoustics and been training my left oribito frontal cortex with some success without equipment . Fellow ethusiasts , please say a Hi .

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