Looking for NeurOptimal to buy second hand in the UK

Hi everyone,

I’m new to neurobb and am interested in buying a neuroptimal bundle second hand. After researching what is involved in shipping I hoped it might be possible to match with someone selling within the UK

Please do let me know here or email details to joanna.schroeder.uk@gmail.com

Best wishes and thanks,

Hi Jo, I have a NeurOptimal system in excellent condition. I’m not in UK but it;'s very easy to ship from Sydney - have done several times. depending on the sale price, I’ll include shipping. See my ad on this site.

Hello Joanna,

Trust you are very well.

I am selling a Professional NeurOptimal® Unlimited version, tablet bundle (i7), with all accessories (sensors, cables, conductive paste, etc). Unit in excellent condition purchased directly from NeurOptimal about July 2021. The license can be transferred to the new owner through NeurOptimal.

I purchased it for my daughter to use. I am now selling it with a discount, so someone can gain more benefits from this wonderful system.

I purchased it for over $12806.33 excluding UK VAT and import duty and I would like to sell it for £7000.

I will have Neuroptimal do a health check also just before shipment or pickup.

I am in London UK and can ship ASAP. Email is Yadasa@gmail.com


Kind Regards,

Hello. Are you still looking for a UK model?