Looking for some basic neurofeedback bioera designs

I m looking for some basic bioera desings … I was using bioexplorer and made some othmers protocols and others based on my needs but bioexplorer is no longer working in windows 10 and 11 . I m planning to shift to bioera and i know there is some learning curve involved . If there are some bioera designs i can purchase let me know …i dont use synchrony and alpha theta at all . Just simple ones with a reward , maybe multiple inhibits , nothing fancy . I just need to learn the basics of designing so that i can make my own protocols as per my needs . I might be using pz alpha down and fz multiole inhits as well . So i just need to learn . If there are any resources on learning this let me know as well .

Hi Karthik,

I suggest you contact George Martin, who is an expert on Bioera, and has both designs for purchase and consulting services. He has accounts on the Bioera discussion forum and the OpenBCI Forum.

I just tried loading the Bioera Forum page and it’s temporarily offline. Here is George’s Forum page. You can use the Message button to send him an email message.


I think his consulting / neurofeedback practice uses this calendar page:

Also found this contact info:


I don’t think he has an account on this NeuroBB forum system.


Thank you for the information … I will check .