Looking to buy used NeurOptimal 3.0

Hi. I am looking to buy a used NeurOptimal system. I am in the US. Thank you!


I am about to list my Neuroptimal 3.0 system. It is the following spec and was purchased on October 28th 2021 for $10,595. It has a new set of sensors and has been upgraded to Windows 11. It has unlimited sessions and will need to have the license transferred I believe.

INTL NeurOptimal® Professional Tablet Bundle (i7) 1
Microsoft Surface Pro 7 i7 16GB 256GB

Please let me know if you are interested and require more info. I purchased it from the US and had it delivered to the UK so I will have to ship it back to the US.


Hi Trish

Please mail me ben@iceton.com if you are still interested.


Hi Trish, I have one for sale. See Gear Swap “Rivers”. thanks