Mitsar and OpenViBE / BioEra / etc

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I am trying to use openVibe with Mitsar for signal acquisition and Neurofeedback purposes.
May anyone help in guiding me with this?


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Hello anon20758062, and welcome to the forum!

Which Mitsar device are you using? OpenViBE’s list of compatible devices includes the Mitsar 202 (with a community supported driver), but not their other devices.

Have you tried reading data from the Mitsar device in OpenViBE?


hello Adam,
thank you for your quick reply.
I fixed the problem… I do use the Mitsar-202-A system. I managed lately make the openVibe aquisition scenario work with Mitsar amplifier.

I have another question though:)

What I really need with openVibe is the following:

  1. harvesting EEG data with Mitsar.
  2. calculating individual upper alpha (IAF) value (i.e. the value of alpha frequency at its peak amplitude during recording + 2Hz) - as to research recommendations, this value has to be calculated due to the variance that have been found in alpha values between subjects. Usually, I do this manually (with WinEEG software) but I found it so inconvenient since it takes so long to analyze the EEG data and to remove artifacts while the subject waiting.
  3. Neurofeedback for IAF enhancement.

I built a simple scenario for EEG signal acquiring (without calculating IAF) but I am not completely sure its a good one. Besides, I am not sure how to build a Neurofeedback scenario for IAF enhancement.
May you please help ?

thank you in advance!

This is the list of supported devices for BioEra,

Which includes Mitsar, but check with Jarek (developer) to ensure your exact model is covered.

IAF neurofeedback would be straightforward with BioEra. An easy feedback would be to modulate the amplitude of an audio track (I generally use flowing water sounds or white noise) – with the output (amplitude) of a filter from 10 to 12 Hz. Various moving averages, graphs, adjustment knobs, etc. can be added.

Here’s a similar example with BrainBay, but BrainBay does not have the Mitsar amp device driver.

William Croft

here is the problem, BioEra supports only Mitsar -201 devices not the 202 I am using:( BrainBay - as you also said - doesn’t work with Mitsar devices.
therefore, I am trying to work with openVibe.
openVibe is an excellent software but I must have a little bit of guidance to be sure I am using it in the right way.


BioEra and Bioexplorer, as well as BrainBay, are all geared specifically for neurofeedback / biofeedback applications. Thus they have many element blocks that can present audio / visual feedback, adjustment knobs, trend graphs, etc. All vital components of NFB apps. OpenViBE is an excellent EEG app, but was not designed with NFB in mind.

You might try asking Jarek if the 202 can be supported easily. Or just purchase a Cyton or other amp supported by BioEra.

Yet another way to go is with Yann’s company,

Or with Qusp,

any suggestions for an effective and open-source software :sweat:

Jarek (BioEra) has put thousands and thousands of hours into refining his product. You likely will not find open source with that kind of commitment and quality.

I still recommend contacting Mitsar and/or Jarek and see if you can get the 202 supported. Might be a simple fix.

I have been emailing Jarek since you’ve told me:)
he says Mitsar 202 might work!
I’ve contaced Mitsar asking for some details…

thank you so much for your help…

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VectorToScalar is an element block you will want to study.

It basically takes an FFT array, and finds dominant or peak frequency inside that range of Hz bins. You could then create a design that up trains that in the alpha range. The previous post where I mentioned just uptraining 10 to 12 Hz (upper alpha), is a more simple minded approach that may not be applicable to all clients. Would work for some but not all. And that simpler training is not specifically looking at IAF, just upper alpha rewarding.

Many papers exist on algorithms used,

thank you I again for your kind reply.
Mitsar answer was that devices 202 and 201 do not have the same communication protocol. therefore, I cannot use the BioEra :sweat:

Suggest just purchasing a Cyton or Ganglion, which ARE supported by BioEra. These are also supported by Bioexplorer.

Can you please send contact details for these software? email/ website?

It looks like you are already in touch with Jarek,

Cyton support is included in current download. I think Ganglion may be also, or in beta test.

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