Most Important Specs for Comparing Hardware Systems


We are a husband-wife practice using equipment we’ve largely inherited some older gear from a previous practice and we’re looking to get new equipment. We’ve been practicing neurofeedback for about 8 months with ourselves, kids, some family friends and are just starting to take outside clients. I’m finding it difficult to compare systems in an any kind of an apples-to-apples sort of way.

We’re narrowed down to the BrainMaster Atlantis 1, ThoughtTech ProComp 5 and the Neurobics Q-Wiz currently. When I can find spec sheets (not always easy) I’m seeing a good deal of variability in spec numbers pertaining to:

Input Range
A/D Bit Rate
Sample Rate
Input noise
Common-mode Rejection Ratio
Amplifier bandwidth
EEG channel bandwidth
Etc etc etc…

What are the most important hardware specs for a small clinical neurofeedback setup?

Thanks in advance!