Most Important Specs for Comparing Hardware Systems

We are a husband-wife practice using equipment we’ve largely inherited some older gear from a previous practice and we’re looking to get new equipment. We’ve been practicing neurofeedback for about 8 months with ourselves, kids, some family friends and are just starting to take outside clients. I’m finding it difficult to compare systems in an any kind of an apples-to-apples sort of way.

We’re narrowed down to the BrainMaster Atlantis 1, ThoughtTech ProComp 5 and the Neurobics Q-Wiz currently. When I can find spec sheets (not always easy) I’m seeing a good deal of variability in spec numbers pertaining to:

Input Range
A/D Bit Rate
Sample Rate
Input noise
Common-mode Rejection Ratio
Amplifier bandwidth
EEG channel bandwidth
Etc etc etc…

What are the most important hardware specs for a small clinical neurofeedback setup?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Phillip,
I see that it’s been a while since this was posted. Did you ever come to any definitive conclusions as to the most important specs?
I have worked on an atlantis 1 and I only know it (though quite superficially); however, I have seen that it is a powerful system.
I was looking for something less expensive and have been wondering if the 4-channel openBCI board would be sufficient, but am, like you may have done, having to compare specs that are still unfamiliar.

Did you ever gain any insights about the most pertinent specs to look for?