Muse headband app request

I seem to have found a very precise brainwave state that i want to entrain myself to. I really need someone to make an app that will make some kind of noise whenever im in this precise state. It appears to be a state where i’ve very gently quieted down all of the “noise” in my head without thinking about my own consciousness. This shouldn’t be too hard to program and i would very greatly appreciate it

Dane, have you tried some of the existing Muse apps, that give feedback to encourage deeper meditation states? One of these might be close to what you want. I’m guess you have used some of these, and find them lacking.

Each individual and type of meditation, tends to generate slightly different brainwave patterns. There are some reviews out on the web,

So this subject area is quite deep, with considerable variations in findings / methodology.


Hi Dane - are you talking a kind of “reward” system that gives you respond once you are in gamma, or alpha etc? I would be also very interested !! Please keep me in the loop / @martinernstcc on all social media