Negative response to neurofeedback


I just started neurofeedback and want to ask for advice.

In response to a very traumatic period I came to suffer from anxiety and psychosis. I was treated with medications, which made me into a depressed zombie. I was (am) very emotionally numb because of the medications.

Recently I lowered my medication somewhat and started neurofeedback. After the first session I was relaxed and happy. That week I was doing much better. Some of my normal emotional responses - happiness, joy, love, spirituality, empathy - came back. I’m not sure whether that was caused by the neurofeedback or the lowering of medication or other influences. But it was such that people could see the change in me - I had a spark back into my eyes.

Now, this week, I had another neurofeedback session. I came in happy. The trainer tried to lower my alpha, theta and beta waves. Mostly beta. Because I had much more of them than average people. There was a very strong response seen on the QEEG, I seem to be sensitive to it. But after the neurofeedback I felt very bad. Empty, zombified, emotionally numb, depressed, worse than before. All the happiness is gone. Some days later I’m still feeling bad. I have severe headaches (never have that) and I’m still a zombie.

I was so happy to have regained my positivity, but now I’m worse than before neurofeedback.

Could anybody explain to me what went wrong and what I can do about it?