NeuroAmp I’s for sale

Hello. I have 4 Neuroamp I’s for sale. The Neuroamp I is the first iteration of the hardware used with Cygnet neurofeedback software. It was followed by the current hardware, Neuroamp II.

Please note these are NOT Neuroamp II’s. The difference is very important! Neuroamp I’s CANNOT RUN ILF-HD. The Neuroamp I can run every other application besides 1 and 2 channel ILF-HD. This includes:

1 and 2 channel Alpha Theta
2 channel Synchrony
1 channel InfraLow
1 channel EEG

I’m offering:
1 Neuroamp I - $2,000
2 Neuroamp I - $3,750 ($1875 per)
3 Neuroamp I - $4,800 ($1600 per)
4 Neuroamp I - $6,000 ($1500 per)

They have all been tested this week and are all in working condition. Items would ship from California. More details will be provided to anyone interested.