NeuroAmp II for sale

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I would like to sell NeuroAmp II and Cygnet with Dreamscapes (Feedback Game).

I purchased NeuroAmp II and Cygnet in 2019 December.

I have used it for about 2 months and kept it after that.

It’s in good condition and works fine.

Purchased prices were below.

  • NeuroAmp II and Cygnet : $4,999

  • Dreamscapes (Feedback Game) : $499

  • Total : $5498

My asking price is $4000(Shipping fee included)

Included are below.

  • NeuroAmp

  • USB (Cygnet installer)

  • USB cable × 2

  • Jumper

  • Dreamscapes

You need electrodes, Ten20, and NuPrep. You can purchase them at

You should check system requirement at their website below before making a decision.

I can accept payment through Paypal. I live in Japan. So, the product will be shipped from Japan.

I will give you a tracking number.

Please send me a message if you are interested in.


I am interested in purchasing your neuroamp, if its available please call or text me at 818-850-6046

The man who wrote above message does
not respond. So, it’s still available. If anyone interested in, click my name and send me a message. I will get back to you through the message.

Hello, I am interested in buying the Neuro Amp II

Hi Yoshi,
I am interested in your neuroamp if still available.

NeuroAmp was sold and no longer available.


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