NeuroBB Has Moved to a New Server

Today we migrated NeuroBB to a new server, which improves security, and makes it more affordable to run.

Everything seems to be working well, but if you notice anything amiss, please email us or reply to this topic!

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Adam and Isa, hi.

Great news! Thanks for continuing to host this valuable service.



A bit pedantic, but I notice that in the categories, the number of discussions seem to be one less than the actual number, e.g. there are now 4 conversations in meta but the page Categories - NeuroBB: The EEG, BCI, and Neurofeedback Discussion Forum shows 3

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This is an astute observation @lookfwd.

It looks like Discourse doesn’t count the first “About this category” post, which is made automatically by the “system” user in most cases (though in the case of Resources, I must have edited and taken ownership of the automatic About post that gets populated with the category description)

It could also be an off-by-one error in the forum software’s counting function :slight_smile:

It would be more pleasing to the eye if it matched. I’ll see if I can find some mention of the reasoning behind this decision in the Discourse documentation, indicating that it’s not a bug…