Neurofeedback- question about results during game- long post

Hi. I’m sure this had probably been broached before. I’m not sure if this is the right place to post, but I had trouble finding other forums for the topic. If it’s not the right place, if someone could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate that. I had the biofeedback/neurofeedback four years ago, and it did wonders for me, but things happened since then. Life happened at a rate I couldn’t handle, and I just went bonkers. I started getting neurofeedback/biofeedback four weeks ago at a psychologists office. I’ve had five total sessions, all using intertube. It is for a multitude of things, but they are starting with the headaches since even though my anxiety is crippling, the headaches are crippling in a different manner, and they thought it was more important to deal with those. I was getting headaches almost daily before this, and they would last most of the day. I don’t say migraines because they weren’t always horrible, however I do have a lot of trouble with noise, which my PCP said coupled with headaches may suggest a migraine. Anyway, since I started it, my headaches have gotten loads better. I’m only getting headaches three or four days a week instead of six to seven, and they are less intense, and don’t last anywhere near as long. Last time they started changing it so I was being treated for the headaches and anxiety. The last week my anxiety has been shot to hell, and I’ve been pretty paralyzed by it. I know that it is probably because it was my first treatment for it, as my headaches were worse after the first time, but got considerably better after that first time.

So, during the game, when I am getting the anxiety part of the treatment, I noticed that the rocket ship kept running into the walls and the ceiling, and a few times missed the gems it was supposed to get, so it had to turn around and go back to get it.I had thought that because it’s trying to fix your neural pathways, that those things couldn’t happen, that it was automatically trying to correct it, and would do it in a way that it didn’t miss gems or hit anything.

So, after all that, my question is, does anyone here know what that means when the ship is running into things and missing the gems it’s supposed to get? I know I could ask at the Drs, but I feel weird doing it. Any info is appreciated. Sorry about the long post.



Daisy, hi.

I doubt your question could be answered without knowing what neurofeedback software was being used, protocols, settings, etc.

The visual feedback system you mention is a general purpose addon to various neurofeedback brands. So does not by itself give enough information. Generally if the animations are running smoothly and “progress” is being made, it means your feedback rewards and inhibits or z-scores, etc., are within acceptable ranges. If the ship is missing targets or hitting walls, it means your measured band amplitudes are out of range.

Don’t feel shy about asking your practitioner how to interpret the animation. Generally above all, it’s advised to “not try hard”, but just to relax and let the feedback do it’s thing. Whatever is happening, the brain is learning and making adjustments. It’s an automatic process, not the same as a computer game you play with your hands where you might “win or lose”.


Thank you, William. That actually does answer the question. Considering how you explained it, and how bad my anxiety has been, it’s not surprising the rocket would be running into the wall and missing the rewards, then. I know I should ask the technician that’s doing it, but my anxiety has been so bad that I have trouble talking to anyone. I can write, or type something, as you can see from my posts, but being in a room with one person, makes my anxiety sky rocket, much less actually talking to someone. I’m really hoping this helps.

Thank you again. :slight_smile: