Neuromore OpenBCI Classifier Advice!

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I’m curious has anyone used Neuromore’s example classifiers? Attached is a screenshot of the one for OpenBCI. If anyone could elaborate on these I’d appreciate the help! Still learning this end of things and looking for interesting EEG signals that I can send via OSC into interactive media projects I have created in Max/MSP/Jitter… What would be good signals to consider for a newbie?



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Welcome to the forum Jeremiah! I haven’t used Neuromore with OpenBCI (yet). However, @Manuel_Jerger is a member here and could probably give you better advice, since he’s a Neuromore software engineer :slight_smile:


(You’ve probably seen the small OpenBCI Docs section on Neuromore classifiers, which mentions the “dynamic alpha detector”? Doesn’t say much right now, but maybe someone experienced with Neuromore + OpenBCI could be convinced to expand it…)

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Hey Curiositry,

Cheers for the response and thanks for the warm welcome. Really happy to have stumbled across this forum and fond somewhere to discuss topics with other researchers and enthusiasts. I’ve looked at the OpenBCI documentation and all of the online content Neuromore have put up so far, obviously it’s still quite sparse as early days and what not. Would be fantastic if @Manuel_Jerger could reach out and elaborate on the example model and possibly suggest some approaches to extracting some meaningful content. I keep seeing projects being referred to online that measure some form of stress or attention and although a tentative area all starting advice is appreciated. I’ve built some interactive visual narratives that respond to ranges of data received so I’m more interested in what ranges can be outputted. Cheers for the help everyone.

Many thanks,


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Hi Jeremiah,

Please don’t think too much about our examples, they are just there to show of the functionality of the engine and editor itself. Most of them aren’t doing anything useful and we haven’t spend much time on them, really.

However, the OpenBCI example was created by Rodrigo from OpenBCI a while back and it should do something useful. But if you have a closer look, the bandpasses are configured completely wrong. Lowpass 5Hz + Highpass 62Hz = no signal at all!
This is probably an old broken version that slipped through… I don’t have any other explanation right now.


Hi Manuel,

Not to worry, was curious about how it was functioning. Thanks for explaining what’s going on with it. I’m curious about what Classifiers people have built that are working prototypes as there is not much information available online about this.



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