NeuroOptimal 2.0 for Sale

Neuro Optimal 2.0 Personal System for Sale. Everything Included. Approximately 100 sessions remaining, Top Condition. $2,200.00

Adam, hi.

Would be interested in hearing about your experiences with NeurOptimal. I know some things about this technology, developed by Dr. Val Brown. I do other forms of neurofeedback using both OpenBCI and Pocket Neurobics equipment. Will you be moving on to other types of neurofeedback / which?

What is the cost to refill the sessions after the 100 are used?



Hi William. It is an excellent system and I made great strides with it. I used it to help me work out trauma and how I react to modern day problems from past trauma. I truly feel that it led me to forgiveness. I moved onto modalities of forgiveness that have been freeing. Forgiveness came up in my psyche after my sessions. I performed about 150 sessions. I believe the refills are 10.00 each. Adam

Adam, thanks. Found the refill pricing on the site. Looks like it pays to buy in large quantities.

There was wide circulation of that article in 2013. Here is just one rebuttal,

Hi Adam,
Do you still have your unit for sale?
Thanks! Toni

Hi, do you still have this system for sale? Thank you!