Neuroptimal 3.0 Unlimited Sessions Professional System For Sale

Hi There!

I have a used Neuroptimal Professional System with unlimited sessions for sale. I purchased it in 2019 from someone who had previously owned it. I can’t remember exactly when they purchased it but I believe it was early 2019 or late 2018. Comes with the Microsoft Surface tablet, keyboard (attached to tablet), headphones, two pairs of wires (one is a little rusty as I live by the ocean, the other is brand new). The only thing I can’t seem to find right now is the gel, but if I can find it it’ll come with three containers of the gel as well! I’m located in Southern California and am happy to ship or meet you somewhere if you’re local. Asking $8,500 or best offer. Thank you! Chris

Hi Chris, what’s the software version 3.0?

Hi Brookes, yes it’s 3.0! Happy to answer any other questions, thanks. Chris

Thanks Chris, would you message me your email address so we can talk about the other details?

Sure :slight_smile: it’s

Hey Brookes, just checking, not sure if I got an email from you did you send one? Thanks, Chris

Thanks Chris, I forwarded your details onto a colleague who was looking to buy a system. If it’s still for sale I’ll make an offer but because the Surface pro is so old, it probably won’t be what you’re looking for… regards Brooke

Sounds good Brookes! Happy to negotiate. What’s your email so I make sure it doesn’t slip through the cracks?


Is this still available?

Hi all, this has sold. Best of luck finding a good system.